What can you say about HC’s communication with media?

Radovan Radović–  editor of the daily newspaper Pregled:
„There was a large turnout of journalists at the Siemens press conferences, which is the best sign of HC’s quality communication with media. Thanks to them, my job is much easier“.

What do you think about press releases and support you receive from HC?

Dragica Šipka – Editor in chief of the professional magazine PSS Security
“Press releases need very few changes to be published. The dynamics and method of communication is professional, punctual, and in my opinion, is just what is needed“.

How do you judge HC compared to other agencies?

Branislav Cvetković –  Radio Deutche Welle representative for Serbia
„If somebody would ask me if there  is anybody better than HC, I would honestly say no. As far as I am concerned, you are the best, and many of my colleagues agree with this statement“.

Milenko Vasović- deputy editor in chief of daily newspaper Blic: It’s a pleasure to work with HC because the information does not need editing, the content is professional and is adopted to media needs. What they write is of interest to the public so we publish them. Also, they are not as aggressive as most of their colleagues.

Dragan Stojev, editor of RTS: My request for information is always respected. We always have two way communication, which means we get answers to unpleasant questions.

Marko Lakić, economy journalist for the daily newspaper Politika: They are very professional. I always get the right suggestions about where I can find needed information. I can call them any time day or night.