If you would like to invest in Serbia and the region?  If you would like to start your business in Serbia? If you need to prepare for the important legal case? You want your environment (public) to understand you? Journalists are asking hard questions. You want them to understand you?

  • Analysis of social, political and business environment and its impact
  • Building Dialogue
  • Legal counseling in areas of substantive and procedural law.
  • Legal opinions in the field of ownership transformation, the company status issues, labor relations, corporate governance and economic disputes in the country and the EU
  • PR strategy in all legal disputes
  • PR analysis and evaluation of possible damages legal litigation can cause
  • PR analysis and PR evaluation of defense tactics that can be applied
  • Recommendations for addressing the public
  • Analysis of legal documents that can attract attention of the public and harm you
  • Relations with the media in crisis communication

We closely cooperate with our clients legal team